If you would like to share ALOEmoist Organics with others, we’ve crafted an effortless referral program that helps everybody involved!


  • Earn 15% on all referrals
  • You’ll have your own unique URL link and promo code to use.
  • Cookie Days – If somebody buys within 90 days of clicking your link, you get paid!
  • Automatic payouts via Paypal – If you do not have an account it is easy to set-up one up
  • Easy access to your account to see all referral activity and access various promotional tools.


Fill out the form below and our team will promptly review your application. Once approved, you’ll get an email confirmation with your URL link and promo code to use with your referral activities. NOTE – Your auto generated promo code will be the first 10 characters of your user name.

Dive deeper into the program details by checking out our PROGRAM FAQ’s.Any questions? Reach out to our Distribution Team at distributors@naturestechusa.com.

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