Refer-a-friend Affiliate program

We hope you love our products – if so your friends and family will probably love them too! 

We are so glad to have you as a loyal customer and appreciate the customer referrals that many of you have and do make.

To help you continue to help us, we have created an easy program where you can introduce as many of your friends as you want to our products and you will receive rewards and commissions for doing so. It is a small way to thank you for sharing us with your friends.

When you sign up to refer others you get your own URL (www.blank) and promotional code to provide to others and when they order product you get the credit.

You can make your friends happy, make some extra money (you can even use the program to raise money for an organization or charity and we will help you do it!) and help us all at the same time and with no monetary investment required.

Find out more by clicking on the Program FAQ’s – PROGRAM FAQ’s

Fill in the quick registration form below to get started!

Registration tips:

Payment Email is for notifications regarding payments to you. It may be different than or the same as the User Email.

Website URL is if you have a personal or company website that you want to link to ours.

If you already have an ALOEmoist customer account your user information (e-mail etc.) may be recognized by the form as you are entering it and used to complete the sign up

We will automatically create a promo code for you (in addition to your URL) that you can also give to referrals to use instead of the URL. The coupon will automatically be created using the first half of your Account Email (the part before the @ symbol) and adding aloemoist to the end of it. You may request a special one if you have a large social network following or business and you want to keep a certain name or branding.

As soon as you submit your application you will be sent a notification to your contact email (it may go to spam or junk so please check that folder) and this screen will update showing your registration status. If you are approved immediately it will put you in your account show you what your username is and what your URL for referring others are. Please copy and note these for future use.

If your account is pending approval you will receive acceptance or rejection via your user e-mail which will then show your Affiliate URL and other account info.

You will also see a Referral URL Generator which allows you to create any URL’s that you want for different campaigns and sales channels you would like to target. For example you could make a URL with Twitter on the end for use with your Twitter contacts and name the campaign as such.

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