AloeMoist Organic’s Business Opportunities

a) Being a Sales Affiliate the promotion of AMO products to Friends and Family.                                                                                               

The commission is 15% for the first and subsequent orders to any and all friends and family.

AMO home parties are encouraged, but not required.

There is special coding provided to ensure seamless future commission payments for all subsequent purchases.

Games and contests to provide additional incentive are being formulated.

Click Here to Watch the Sales Affiliate Video.  

b. Become an Independent Sales Rep of Open Air Venues i.e., Farmers Markets, etc.).  In most cases this is usually a weekend position that requires approximately 5 hours of your time on a Saturday and Sunday.  Personal Gross Income from these events represent a low of $300 to a high of approximately $850.00 for 10 hours of work.                          

c. Being a Wholesaler – this involves usually having or creating a connection to either large or small retail chains. If you have interest in this – the initial commission is 20% of the sale price with subsequent sales being 15%.  Sales are one way with a typical 50% wholesale price.

   Click Here to Watch the Wholesaler Rep Video                                                                                                                                                                                 

d. Cancer Hospitals & Oncology Centers – We have been supplying 3 Cancer Hospitals for a period of 1 to 3 years (2 in Florida and 1 in Alabama) with our Aloe Moist Organics “Complete” product. This product has offered significant relief to those who suffer from the burning skin reaction of radiation therapy.

   Click Here to Watch the Hospital / Oncology Center Rep Video.                                                                                                                      

e. Distributor with your Exclusive Territory we’ll help to find and sign you up for the venues in your area; we then train you to be your own boss and effectively sell our product line; be it just weekends and or during the week. This can then be expanded to include ALL of the AMO Business Opportunities for your territory.  Click Here – the Exclusive Territory Distributor Video                          

f. If you Recruit an Individual/s to Join Us in any of the above AMO business opportunities – you’ll receive x% commission of what that person earned in their 1st 12 month period.  Click Here for the Recruiter Video