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Why Work With Us?

You may be looking for a change and a higher level of income or you may just want to make some extra income with your spare time.

Either way, we have a business and income earning opportunity that could be perfect for you.

First off natural skin care and beauty products are in greater demand than ever before and consumers are actively looking for effective, safe and natural products but they are hard to find. Most skin care products at retail still contain harmful synthetic ingredients and disappoint consumers. This offers a compelling sales and business opportunity as an AloeMoist Organics Product Rep in your area.

We provide you with a complete ready-to-go business and show you how to make the income you want, full or part time.

Being a Product Rep for us comes with all the benefits of being in business for yourself, such as: controlling of your schedule, job security, tax advantages, higher income earning potential and being your own boss, while getting the guidance and mentoring from us that you need to succeed.

And it is for people of all ages and life situations as well:

• Retired and needing to supplement your fixed income.
• Already working or parenting but wanting to make extra money as you can.
• Looking for a new career with an income earning potential that excites you.

Whatever your personal situation and goals, we are here to meet your needs with in-demand organic and natural products at great pricing with very good potential income for you.

And our team ensures that you have everything that you need: Product knowledge and training, sales and marketing tools and a proven road-map to follow.

Just Some of the Benefits:

1. You’ll be working with in-demand, organic and natural products.
2. You’ll be in business for yourself with all the pride and perks of business ownership.
3. Control of your income and life with a flexible work schedule based around your life.
4. Taking advantage of proven sales channels and actions that deliver immediate income results. No “you get six people, that get six people,    that ….” in hopes that nine months later, if everything goes perfectly you get a check. We show you how to start making money from day      one and how to build it up from there just doing what we already know works!
5. Strong support system including training, mentoring, consulting help whenh you need it.
6. No sales or business experience is required.
7. Greatly discounted prices on products, even for your own use.
8. An ever-expanding line of advanced skin care and beauty products to offer your customers.
9. A complete success kit provided that has everything you need to get started and to succeed; nothing is left to chance.
10. A small start-up investment that is far more affordable than other startups in this field.

We Can Show You How to Succeed

We have many proven sales and income generating avenues, for both retail and wholesale income, all of which are taught to you to use in your own business such as:

  1. Sharing with family, friends and co-workers.
  2. Holding parties and get togethers letting people learn about and sample the products and purchase directly from you or via the website using your unique web address that credits you for each purchase.
  3. Work to get wholesale accounts by contacting certain types of outlets according to the methods and scripts we provide you.
  4. Drive and send people to our site to purchase via your unique web-address so that you get the credit and commissions.
  5. A primary source of your business is going to involve several other key, proven effective proprietary ways to sell right in your own area. This is where we focus and show you how to truly succeed!

The Road to Success:

Step 1. Submit your application giving us the basic information that we need.
Step 2. Live discussion with one of our staff to answer all of your questions and to give us a better understanding your unique situation and goals. We want you to clearly understand the program and we want to be certain that you can and will succeed.
Step 3. Get your success kit that has everything that you will need to succeed. Items such as training materials, promo, sales scripts, table and tents for outside sales venues and of course the right amount of each product (at wholesale pricing) that you need to sample and sell.
Step 4. Get your unique web site address to give to others so that they can purchase products on-line that you get proper credit for. Use this method to build a residual income.
Step 5. Complete your start-up mentoring session to discuss local resources and opportunities (potential sales venues etc.).
Step 6. Get your customized program to help you get started and winning!


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