NaturesTech, and it’s affiliated entities and agents, try to be as accurate as possible when describing ingredients, products and possible beneficial results however, it is up to the consumer to independently and adequately research products and ingredients as to their particular safety and appropriateness prior to their use.

The statements and/or claims made on this website regarding NaturesTech products, as well as the products themselves, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

Individual’s who have a history of reacting to skin care products or who are using prescription or over the counter drugs, that may cause a heightened sensitivity to certain ingredients and skin care solutions, should use extra caution in using a product. It is recommended that a small product sampling (“patch test”) be carried out prior to full use.

While individuals that have skin imperfections and conditions such as dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, or who are undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or are on Target Therapy drugs for cancer have commented that they have benefited greatly from our AloeMoist skin cream formula, individual results may vary. Also, in some of the above cases the skin is already in a state of irritation and/or discomfort so caution should always be used prior to and during use.

NaturesTech or its associated organizations or entities shall not be held liable for problems that occur from the application of these products during professional or consumer use. It is the ultimate responsibility of the consumer and any consulting licensed professional to determine individual safety and appropriateness prior to use and to monitor the skin as they apply these skin care products and to respond accordingly to any reactions that occur.