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Complete Moisturizer

Created originally to moisturize and aid healing on a whole new level for the medical field, our Aloemoist is the only cream you’ll need.

Revive Anti-Aging Face Cream

A cutting edge formula consisting of the most advanced, clinically proven transformative ingredients on the market today! 

Beauty Perfecting Serums

 This dynamic duo will plump, brighten and protect by day and regenerate and perfect by night.

"First Defense" Organic Sanitizer

A fast-working, safe and effective organic hand sanitizer with moisturizers & the anti-microbial super-hero – Colloidal Silver!

What customers have to say...


I have eczema and constant dry skin, and this cream alleviated these symptoms almost immediately, and importantly, my skin did not feel oily or greasy at all afterwards. So far, it’s the best cream/lotion I’ve used.

I have had super sensitive skin, dermatitis and other skin problems my entire life. I was desperate after using numerous products and having numerous reactions. This is the best product I have ever put on my skin.

Love this stuff! I have very dry skin during the winter time, my hands are so chapped that they hurt. I first discovered AloeMoist at an event and my friend bought it and he gave me a sample jar. I tried to make it last for the longest time for my chapped dry feet. I also had chapped lips and I had tried everything to moisten my lips but nothing worked, so I decided to try it on my lips…and it worked!! Amazing!

I bought the cream on Wednesday and not quite a week later the difference on my feet and front of legs, due to dry skin very bad on my feet, is dramatic.  This is after using creams that have been dispersed by my doctor for about one year. I just cannot believe the improvement in my skin!


I have very dry skin and swim a lot which makes it even drier. I have tried virtually all major brand creams, and this is by far the best…natural ingredients, absorbs extremely quickly, greaseless, odorless, and long-lasting. A friend and I tried the cream at a local event. It seemed expensive, but I use VERY little, much less than any other cream I’ve used, and both the effects and quantities last much longer.

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