Effective, effortless fundraising – let us do the work!

Fundraise without the headaches of traditional fundraiser events. Let ALOEmoist do the work with an on-site and/or on-line sales event with your cause making a percent of everything that is sold. We can come to your location or carry out a tailored, on-line fundraising event from start to finish!



Tell us when and where to set-up our display or work with us to create an on-line event just for you and your sponsors. No paperwork to fill out, no cash to collect, and no product to distribute. 


Without being distracted from your existing activities, we will establish the event. You keep an agreed upon % of what is sold. No fees and no minimums to meet. We can even establish an on-going residual stream of income after the event is over.


Fundraising events are typically four days long but can be adjusted to meet your needs. You can track your donations with accurate real-time accounting of your sales event results. Donations are then rapidly forwarded to you.


You don’t have to worry about having and shipping product. We have the fine, organic skin care products that are packed and shipped directly from our facility to your supporters, anywhere in the USA.

Fundraise anytime with our help!

Collecting donations is essential for any donor-supported organization and getting more and more challenging, especially these days! Our on-site and/or on-line, virtual fundraising service is an opportunity for your organization to increase donations without the time, costs, paperwork and overall hassles. We have several ways of servicing your fundraising needs:

On-site event: Whether a corporate office building or hospital, our on-site pop-up events typically take place in a lobby, cafeteria or other high traffic area, are for several days and a percentage of all sales can go to the hospital auxiliary, employee fund or the cause of your choosing. We bring our display, sales and promotion materials, experienced product reps to demonstrate and answer questions and of course the product itself.

On-line event: Our on-line events can be for as long as you want. We will handle it all from contacting your donors and promoting the event to creating the on-line sales space where supporters can shop and show their support. Your organization will automatically receive an agreed upon percentage of all purchases from the event as a donation.

On-going affiliate income: Your members and supporters can shop on-line with us anytime, using your organizations unique discount code, and a percentage of any and all such purchases will go to your organization for it’s needs.

Let us know if you would like more information.

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