Healing Effects of Aloe Vera

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Science has proved that Barbadensis Miller aloe actually increases the speed of cell division causing new healthy skin to be produced at an accelerated rate. It has the ability to penetrate completely into the skin taking with it all the moisture and healing enzymes. Creating a molecular barrier between the skin and the surrounding air thus reducing dehydration of the skin and locking all the moisture and goodness within.

As the skin ages, it thins and wrinkles. Combined with the appearance of creases, age spots and furrows, you have all the classic problems that we all battle against. Barbadensis Miller Aloe has also been shown to slow down the ageing process and reverse the degeneration of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin- thus, an effective anti-ageing agent. As a natural skin exfoliant, it has the ability to penetrate into the skin and transport healthy substances into and through it.

AloeMoist Aloe is a natural anesthetic a natural antibiotic and has been shown to improve the bodies immune system. Topical application of Aloe Vera can be effective for genital herpes, psoriasis, human papilloma virus, seborrheic dermatitis, xerosis, frost bite, burn, wound healing and inflammation. It can also be used as a biological vehicle and is anti-microbial, antifungal and also for photodynamic therapy of some kinds of cancer.

Green College – University of Oxford – Recent studies, seem to show that patients with chronic venous leg ulcers when given Barbadensis Miller Aloe may be aided in healing. Study conducted by Davis RHRosenthal KYCesario LRRouw GA

The results show that small amounts of Aloe vera given topically will inhibit inflammation induced by a moderate amount of irritant.Department of Biomedical Sciences, Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia

Aloe vera improves wound healing and inhibits inflammation. Aloe vera inhibits inflammation and adjuvant-induced arthritis. The authors’ laboratory has shown that Aloe vera improves wound healing, which suggests that it does not act like an adrenal steroid.Sooths Burns, Minimizes Frostbite Damage, Screens Out Radiation, Heals Psoriasis Lesions, Eases Intestinal Problems, Reduces Blood Sugar in Diabetics, Reduces Arthritic Swelling, Curtailing HIV infection, Stimulates Immune Response Against Cancer.

Please note: AloeMoist Aloe can not cure any disease or medical problem it can only promote healthy activity of your cells. It is your bodies own immune system which, eventually and hopefully cures any problem. However, AloeMoist Aloe has been shown to have a positive effect in bolstering up the bodies own defenses. Hence, by using AloeMoist Aloe you are helping your body defeat virtually any skin related complaint.


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