Preparing Your Skin for the Summer

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Essential Tips to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun

We get a lot of benefit from being in the sun; it boosts serotonin levels, adds essential vitamin D to the skin which is vital for calcium levels in the bones but, we also know that it can be tough on the skin.

By applying these simple tips, you can reap the benefits without suffering the harmful effects? 

Tip 1 – Stimulate your natural melanin defense.

The sun emits UVA and UVB rays that reach the skin’s tissue, stimulating one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms against UV rays – the synthesis/production of melanin. This phenomenon is what is responsible for skin coloration and tan.

Start stimulating the melanin by going out for just a short time at first, then gradually increase that time each day. The length of your first time out should be based on your skin type and past experience on how quickly you burn. Don’t hurry the process. 

TIP 2 – Hydrate and Nourish the skin.

Hydrating your skin is very important before and after sun exposure. Dry skin is more likely to get sunburned as it is more vulnerable to UV rays. A moisturizing cream will not screen out UV rays and protect your skin from the sun but, it will help minimize damage. By deeply moisturizing and nourishing your skin, with a high quality cream on a regular basis, you will help to rebuild, maintain and if necessary repair its protective layer and overall integrity and health.

Our AloeMoist Full Body Cream will do all that, With it’s organic Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and many other rich botanical oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants, it will add a comforting and protective layer of rich-moisture to not only re-hydrate and regenerate the skin but improve skin elasticity, overall health and appearance.

If you do get burned, AloeMoist will help sooth the burn and help your skin heal faster. We’ve received several testimonials to that fact and It is used in Oncologist offices for radiation therapy burns.

TIP 3 – Exfoliate your skin

Another good way to prepare your skin, and to just help it look better, is to exfoliate before sun exposure. This will remove the dead cells that would prevent your skin from getting a uniform exposure and tanning.

For the face, use our Bamboo and Cranberry Anti-Oxidant Scrub. It has exfoliating elements and nutrients to gently buff away dead skin cells. It removes dullness, restoring your skin’s radiance and vitality. The organic Aloe Vera and rich essential oils sooth and moisturize, while cranberries and other powerful anti-oxidants, draw out toxins, repair cells and restore your skin’s overall health and beauty!

For the body, exfoliate using our Shea Butter Scrub, rich in nutrients and very moisturizing.

TIP 4 – Vitamin – C, Vitamin – C and more topical Vitamin – C 

Vitamin-C is a miracle for sun protection. Topical vitamin C has now been shown to provide up to eight times the skin’s natural protection from UV damage. Sunscreens are also an important part of the prevention process, although they cannot do it alone. Recent studies show that topical application of optimized Vitamin C combinations can provide up to eight-fold antioxidant protection, ninety-two percent reduction of sunburn cells for up to 12 hours, and prevent the formation of free radicals in UV irradiated skin (sun exposed skin). For day use, our AloeMoist cream provides a good amount of the highest quality vitamin-C. We recommend adding the extra protection and healing properties of our vitamin-c rich Elite-C serum in the morning and our Revive anti-aging cream at night. Giving you the perfect defense day and night.

In summary

The keys are to make your skin as hydrated, healthy and strong as possible before sun exposure. Use AloeMoist Full Body Cream and the extra defense with the Elite-C Serum and Revive Anti-aging Skin Cream.

Don’t forget that with prolonged sun exposure, it is important to still use a good sunscreen to avoid burns and to protect from sun damages. Our mineral based sunscreen is natural and effective, comes in three different tones, and is particularly good for the face.

Use these “sun-buster” products, apply these tips and…enjoy your time in the sun!




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