Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask



A once a week or more mask that cleans, refreshes and rejuvinates. Active organic enzymes make this botanical mask a powerful tool for turning back the clock. Enzymes gently scavenge damaged, diseased, and dead skin cells in order to make room for new skin tissue and collagen to fill in the skins upper dermal layer for optimal radiance. Gotu Kola is a proven collagen stimulant proven to work 120 times more effectively than synthetic collagen replacement therapies. Reishi mushroom carries Asiatic Acid to the cells for damage restoration, fading of sun spots and damage, wrinkle reduction, and boosting of cellular hydration.


  • Smooths and Softens.
  • Increases Cell Turnover- (removes dark pigments trapped in the cell)
  • Increases skin’s glow and removes dull dead skin cells.
  • Minimizes Pores.
  • Reduces the appearance of discolorations.
  • Safer than AHAs.
  • Non-Irritating.
  • Nourishes skin with over fifty minerals

Can be effectively used twice a week up to every day depending on skin type.

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